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Exponential Conference 2023

3 days of impact

Exponential 2023 aims to equip ministry leaders into greater depths of God’s wisdom and power; helping the church lead better when most things are in state of flux. Leaders will learn to realistically plan for greater impact and cultivate a new wineskin mindset that the world desperately needs today.

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Make a positive impact

Make a positive impact on your community and help spread the message of your faith.

Build relationships

Build relationships with others who share your faith, connect with people to strengthen one another’s faith.

Give back

Show your gratitude for the spiritual guidance and support you have received by supporting Exponential

Attempt great things for god

Promote your values

Sponsoring Exponential 2023 is a great way to promote your values and beliefs. By supporting us, a faith based program that aligns with your personal values and beliefs, you can help shape the conversation and make a difference in your community.

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Support a few of over 300 pastors who genuinely want to attend but can’t register

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Sponsor student pastors and para-church founders to Exponential 2023

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Become a gold member of the Exponential Network

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Become a Silver member of the Exponential Network

Express your gratitude to God

Sponsoring Exponential means helping to ensure that others can benefit from the same resources and teachings that have been meaningful to you.


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